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Q: - I live in a state that medical marijuana is legal, Can I signup if I don’t have a medical marijuana card?

A: - We are sorry to say, No you cannot signup if you are not a patient.

Q: - I live in the state of Michigan, Can I purchase my medicine from another state?

A: - No, You can only purchase your medicine from the state you are registered in.

Q: - How much does it cost for me to register?

A: - Zero, The registration is free the membership is free for a ? days

Q: - How much does it cost me to purchase any of the products?

A: - Other than the price of the product and your monthly membership fee, Zero.

Q: - Can I purchase more than one ounce of my medicine?

A: - You can purchase ONLY what your state permits.

Q: - How can I sign up to this site if I’m a patient?

A: - All you have to do is signup and you will a conformation email.

Q: - How can I signup as a dispensary?

A: - All you have to do is signup as a dispensary, You will get a conformation email.

Q: - How much does it cost for me to sign up and sell products on this site?

A: - Other than the membership fee, Zero, It cost you nothing to sign up, upload, and sell your products on our site.

Q: - Can I sign up as a delivery service?

A: - Yes all you have to do is signup as a delivery service and you will get a conformation email.

Q: - If I’m unable to travel, Can my medicine be delivered to me?

A: - Yes, you can have your medicine delivered to you if you purchase from a dispensary that have a Delivery service or you can purchase from a delivery service company, Before you purchase please check for pickup and delivery service from each seller.

Q: - If I’m in a state that marijuana is recreational do I need a medical marijuana card?

A: - NO, you do not need a medical marijuana card, But, you need a valid driver’s license or state ID, You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase marijuana..

Q: Do i pay for the product i purchase on this website?

A: No, You can reserve your order by completing your purchase and you can pay at the dispensary at the time of picking up your order or at the time your product is delivered to you.