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A train

A-Train T.H.Seeds 60% Sativa / 40% Indica Genetics: Trainwreck x Mazar I Sharif Flowering: 55-60 days Height: 54-60 inches Yield: 250-350g per square meter This hybrid is a result of crossing two very well known strains that hold a special place in the medical cannabis community – Mazar I Sharif and Arcata e-32 Trainwreck. Mixing the genetics from these two strains, A-Train has inherited a pretty even mix of indica and sativa traits from it’s parents. Adding the Afghani indica genetics of Mazar I sharif to Arcata Trainwreck produced a plant that is more dense and not quite as tall as it’s California mother, although it still tends to grow wildly and requires a bit of support. When growing A-Train, keep in mind that this strain can start flowering when it’s one foot tall, but will shoot up dramatically and finish around 4.5 to 5 feet. It is a moderate yielder, and on average, you can expect to harvest 300-350 grams of round, compact buds per square meter. Aside from this strain’s tendency to branch out and lean in all directions, especially as the flowers start to develop and get heavier, growers have reported that A-Train prefers lower humidity environments. While it grows well in all mediums, the yields tend to be higher in hydroponic systems, and the taste comes out more when grown in soil. When smoked, it has a slightly lemony flavor with unmistakable undertones of Trainwreck, although a bit subdued by the hashy indica taste of the Afghani genetics. This strain smokes smooth like a sativa, but has a kick of an indica – a perfect hybrid! One of the most pronounced effects of smoking A-Train is the munchies, which makes it a good choice for medical cannabis users that need help stimulating their appetite. Being a well balanced hybrid, A-Train is a perfect choice for users seeking the medicating effects of indica softened by the sativa side.


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10 Pack Pre-rolled from buds, No shake


A2 Cookies

Three famed varieties were merged into one with this sativa-indica hybrid: OG Kush, Cherry Kush, and Durban Poison. The exact proportion of sativa to indica is unclear, as A2 Cookies is a rare selection on American medical markets, but the effects suggest it's mostly indica. There is a similar lack of data on THC levels, overall strength, or CBD contents. It's probably safe to assume this strain is relatively potent, given its impressive parentage. But without more information on CBD, this strain shouldn't be used as the sole treatment option for seizure disorders. The high tends to be mostly physical, with relaxation, sleepiness, and strong couch-lock effects. That makes this a good strain for relieving insomnia and anxiety, though it may also help with depression. The flavor is minty and sweet, while A2 Cookies smells like mint. The nugs are small and dense, with lime green coloring, orange hairs, and a dusting of white trichome crystals. There's little public information on side effects, but red eyes and dry mouth are probably the most common. A2 Cookies is a definite rarity, and it doesn't sell well anywhere in the United States, though it can be found at a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

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