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Alien Blues

Alien Blue is one of the most pleasant tasting strains. Recently, various strains have been introduced such as Colorado cut of Blackberry (DJ Short) and Super Skunk and on the basis of these growers have been able to invent a flavor that can only be experienced by consuming Alien Blues. Aline Blue does not only carry an unparalleled taste but also comprises of a stellar fragrance, more resin production that the average and also provides abundant yield. This smooth tasting marijuana strain super plant is a winner in the eyes of many users. Primarily, it is an indica dominant strain with a flowing time of 55-65 days. Alien Blues is an amalgamation of berries and liquorice and has an ancestry of Super Skunk x Alien Bubba and Blueberry x Alien Bubba. It comprises of fluffy nugs that are nicely coated with crystals all over and gives off an earthy aroma with a hint of fruit in it. Alien Blues, a pleasant tasting stain provides a full body stone with THC level of 17 percent and CBD level of .074 percent. It is a useful strain for chronic pain, relaxation, anxiety and sleep. This is indeed one of the most special berry flavored strains present in the market. The cross between its ancestors has effectively released the amazing fruity nature...