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Alien Grapevine

Alien Grapevine is an obscure cross of Tahoe Alien, an indicant-dominant hybrid, and Blueberry Underdog, itself a rare find. This strain itself is indica-heavy, with a sativa/indica ratio of no more than 30:70. That genetic mix produces a mostly physical high, with calming effects, spacey sensations, and sleepiness – though there are also strong cerebral qualities. The combination of head and body effects makes for an effective treatment for patients with anxiety, depression, nausea, chronic pain, lack of appetite, and insomnia. There's little if any public data on THC or CBD levels in this strain, but the lack of information alone suggests neither is particularly high. Among other things, this means Alien Grapevine shouldn't be a patient's only treatment for seizure disorders or other conditions that are alleviated by CBD preparations. There are strong, sweet notes of fruit and berries to the taste and smell of this strain, along with a diesel aroma and a sour flavor. The buds are brown and orange and covered in trichomes. As with most strains, cottonmouth and watery eyes are the most likely negatives, while paranoia and other adverse effects may also occur.