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Ambrosia Jordan of the Islands 50% Indica / 50% Sativa Genetics: God Bud x Burmese Flowering: 7-8 weeks Harvest: mid September Height: 5-8 feet Yield: 4-8 oz per plant indoors / 8-12 out Jordan of the Islands named this strain Ambrosia as a tribute to Roman mythology, where it is considered to be the food of the Gods. This 50/50 hybrid is a result of crossing Jordan’s God Bud indica with a Burmese sativa that came from Mighty Mite Seed Company and was voted #1 People’s Choice in the 2002 Cannabis Culture Toker’s Bowl. Ambrosia grows well both indoors and outdoors, and is known to be a fast, vigorous plant. When allowed, this variety will become bushy and take up quite a bit of space, but doesn’t tend to have much foliage, reducing the need for pruning and manicuring. In ideal conditions, Ambrosia finishes in 7-8 weeks indoors, and is ready for harvest in early/mid September when grown outdoors. Smoking Ambrosia can be recommended for both medicinal and recreational purposes. MMJ users report this strain to be helpful with pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Recreational smokers appreciate this variety for it’s balanced spread along the genetics scale, something that makes a wonderful mix when it comes to flavor as well.